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Our vision

Our vision is simple: a better working world, thanks to the valuable contribution of selfmastered entrepreneurs globally. 

Our mission

Selfmastered's mission is to transform otherwise overwhelmed entrepreneurs into laser-focused top-performing rainmakers by teaching them our battle-tested methodology for effective self-management. We research, discuss & teach the best of what others have already figured out to help others achieve extraordinary things.
 Our area of expertise lies at the intertwining between business and the science of peak performance, as our track record of mentoring startups founders and small businesses attest.
As to 2020, dozens of people have been mentored using the Selfmastered methodology and learned how to learn faster, think smarter, and live better lives.

Our principles

1. Customer Success Obsession

We are only as good as the results we provide our clients. We obsess over delivering real transformation to our clients through our proven methodology.

2. Scientific Approach

We believe in questioning everything and being relentless in the pursuit of truth. We seek truth through proven scientific principles. We don’t believe in magic pills or untried solutions.

3. Holistic view

Effective self-management requires an holistic approach towards an individual’s performance. One-sided approaches to a complex problem never work. 

4. Quantifiable progress

What gets measured, gets mastered. Our programs results in quantifiable transformations that can be tracked down using our exclusive tools.

5. Long-term thinking

Our programs are engineered to create long-lasting change in the person that work with us. We don’t merely help people: we help them transform themselves.

6. More with Less

We seek the 80/20 at every step. We deliver real results, in the shortest timespan.

7. Brutal honesty

We choose to work only with those we know we can help. Having the capital to afford us isn’t enough to secure our relationship. 

8. Signal > Noise

We choose to be a signal in a world full of noise. If we say something, it means something.

9. Overpromise, uberdeliver

We promise change, but deliver real, long-lasting, transformation. We pride ourselves in being the one-stop-shop for those struggling to elevate their self-management skills.

10. No competition

We believe we have the best training programs on the planet for helping everyday people master their self-management skills so they can create a better working world.