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If you’re an entrepreneur with an existing business making at least $10,000 /month and you want the most actionable framework that leverages neuroscience and behavioral science, uses data to help optimize your personal performance, and scale your business faster —

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We solve a problem nobody else knows how to solve - predictably & reliably


Most entrepreneurs fail not because they can’t identify business opportunities, create great products or gain traction, but because their self-management skills are insufficient to cope with the complexity of the fast-paced business landscape.


Selfmastered's peak performance framework leverages the most actionable frameworks from neuroscience and behavioral science and uses data to help entrepreneurs optimize their personal performance - and scale their business accordingly.

We are living in one of the greatest & unspoken crisis going on in the world

33% of people report extreme stress

77% of people experience stress that affects their physical health

48% of people have trouble sleeping because of stress

40% of knowledge workers never get 30 minutes straight of focused time in a workday (only 11% > 2 hours)

85% of employees worldwide are actively disengaged at work

28% of the average work day (2 hours and 48 minutes) is actually productive

Productivity delta between top vs average performers (according to McKinsey Survey 2017)

The gap between the top and the average performers is widening fast.

The Performance Delta Between Top & Average Performers

The Results Delta Between Top & Average Performers

Self-management skills (to the point of peak performance) are the #1 career-defining skills in the XXIst Century

What You'll Learn



Systems Thinking

The Exponential era demands a new type of paradigm. You'll learn how to see the world through the lenses of complexity-science & systems thinking, which allows you to analyze, optimize and manage yourself and your business differently.


Vision, Goal-setting & Direction

Traditional education around goal-setting is wrong. You'll learn why SMART goals are DUMB and why having a meaningful direction that coherently aligns long-term goals and short-term actions is a prerequisite for peak performance.


Execution Protocols

We'll show you how to create a 12-week roadmap that leverages state-of-the-art strategic thinking to expand the limits of personal & professional performance... without overwhelming you.


Data-driven Performance Optimization

Self-development without data is just intellectual masturbation. The only way to transform your performance is to track selected data points (both quantitative & qualitative) to measure progress across all facets of your life & business.


Spiritual performance (Intrinsic Motivation)

Intrinsic motivation is the fuel that powers high performance. Any mental training that targets it needs to be highly personalized (N=1) and be based on science-proven principles to create long-lasting transformation.


Mental Performance (Focus & Flow)

Without focus, there can be no high performance. The best way to train your mind for laser-like focus is to embrace deep work, harness the power of urgency to remove cognitive residue, and create boundaries that prevent interruptions.


Physical Performance (Energy)

The fitness industry lacks a coherent all-encompassing performance-focused curriculum. You'll learn a systematic energy maximization framework that optimizes the most relevant physiological dimensions that affect your energy levels.


Emotional Performance (Emotional Control)

Emotional management is crucial for long-term success, especially at the highest echelons of business. You'll learn preventive emotional management strategies that will ensure that you operate through life with low emotional variance.

What Results Should You Expect?

We ran an internal survey to understand better the chief benefits that the Selfmastered program provides. The following six were the most upvoted by our clients:


Crystal Clarity

You will have crystal clarity on your priorities on a multi-year scale and how to best achieve them. No more second-guessing yourself.


2X-7X Productivity Increase

Your productivity will explode by learning how to leverage your cognitive capital (focus, motivation & discipline) for maximum results.


Minimal Cognitive Drag

You will eliminate all doubts, uncertainty, and emotional turmoil so you can be dangerously effective at work & fully present at home.


Enhanced Decision-Making

You will forget about stress-fueled suboptimal decision-making caused by overwhelm, anxiety & frustration.


Data-driven Roadmap

You will feel empowered, confident, motivated because you'll have a data-driven system for achieving & sustaining peak performance.


Machine-like Consistency

You will feel unstoppable by following a proven methodology that nudges you into performing at your best every day on autopilot.

How The Program Works

Our research-backed curriculum will help you master your performance, gain confidence in your abilities and destroy overwhelm, anxiety and self-sabotage at the root. We'll teach you how to continually build personal capacity so that you expand the limits of what you thought possible over time. Our framework has been tested with hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals globally and is guaranteed to transform how you operate in your life & business.

#1: In-depth video library

Over 8 weeks you'll master the world's most up-to-date research-based curriculum regarding peak performance. You'll become a master at 8 core skills: systems thinking, goal-setting, execution, analysis & synthesis, focus, motivation, energy, and emotional control.

#2: Battle-tested tools & templates

On top of the 50+ video lessons, Selfmastered has developed 30+ templates and exercises that expand the course curriculum and serve as guardrails for high performance.

#3: Selfmastered Dashboard

A proven way of transforming your performance is through data (both quantitative & qualitative) that measures progress across all relevant aspects of the System of You. Selfmastered provides its members a proven digital tool, the Selfmastered Dashboard, that enhances self-awareness and fosters feedback-loop-driven performance improvements.

#4: Weekly Q&As & 1-on-1 Support

You will have yearly access to weekly Q&As and have 1-on-1 with expert performance coaches that will push you far beyond what you ever thought possible. All of our coaches have relevant experience in the trenches of high-stakes business and entrepreneurship.

#5: Selfmastered Performance School

We provide access to the Performance School, a global community of high performers that provide support, accountability & feedback. It also serves as a continuous learning platform for its members, who have access to Selfmastered's latest R&D regarding peak performance.

We've Helped 120+ Entrepreneurs Get Incredible Business Results

Our students aren't just satisfied with the program, they have real results. See what they are saying about our programs.

10X Revenue In 12 Weeks

Saher Shodhan, CEO of

Location: London, England

Before state: Team of 2, sluggish growth, low revenue. Working on getting funding, hiring a team and increasing sales. Frustrated at the lack of progress.

After state: Round Closed (£300k), team of 5, 10X revenue

0 To €250k ARR In 12 Weeks

Francisco Hernández, CEO of 

Location: Madrid, Spain

Before state: Idea-on-a-napkin, no team, no revenue,

After state: €250k ARR. Team of 5

0 To Reaktor.Berlin In 12 Weeks

Danilo Flores, COO of Umi-Hotaru

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Before state: Lost after first venture exit, theorizing UmiHotaru with his brother Claudio.

After state: Umi-Hotaru accepted at Reaktor.Berlin (Only 7 prevailed against 126 other applicants for the first batch)

2X Revenue In 12 Weeks During Covid

Patrick Haggerty, CEO of Lessonswithpatrick

Location: San José, United States

Before state: Revenue in free fall due to COVID, urgent business recomp needed. Revenue fall by 30% by the time we started working with him.

After state: 2X Revenue

4X ROI In 11 Weeks

Yannick Halm, CMO at Nexgeon

Location: Cologne, Germany

Before state: Frustrated after a ”terrible 2020” when he didn’t fulfil his businessplan. Willing to have a tool to “crush 2021”.

After state: Radical overhaul of personal & professional operations. 4x revenue in 11 weeks. Marathon after 5 weeks (with minimal preparation).

12X Revenue In 12 Weeks

Conor Gallagher, CEO of Gallagmedia

Location: Cork, Ireland

Before state: Overwhelmed while serving only 1 big client. Plagued by self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

After state: 12x revenue. Less hours worked while serving 6 clients. Onboarded new partner. Marathon run in 11 weeks.

First Job Promotion After 6 Months

Benjamin George, Partner Development Manager at Microsoft

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Before state: Close to zero job & career prospects which caused him stress and frustration

After state: 3 months to hiring + 6 months to first promotion

Full +40% compensation increase

Justin T, Software Engineer

Location: New York, Estonia

Before state: Waste of time due to the lack of an effective management system

After state: New job in New York +40% compensation increase