Unlock the Elite Entrepreneur Within

Unlock the Elite Entrepreneur Within

Get evidence-based protocols to unlock your peak performance - so you can scale your business fast without procrastination, overwhelm or burnout.

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Join 9,000+ founders and get instant access to the "34 Peak Performance Protocols for Entrepreneurs."
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Trusted by Founders, CEOs & Executives of industry-leading companies across the world

Selfmastered is a Peak Performance Institute for Ambitious Founders & CEOs

We use personalized, data-driven performance protocols to help you think, execute & perform at your peak consistently.

Tired of doing business on hard mode?

Like many entrepreneurs we work with, you feel you're not reaching your full potential.

You’re hardworking, committed, and thoughtful, but the high stakes, long work hours, and constant pressure to meet expectations are compromising your productivity, focus, and mental game.

Despite your best efforts to excel daily, distractions, negativity, and exhaustion hinder your results.

You've tried various solutions—self-help books, costly courses, generic coaching, and unvetted communities. Yet, none have led to lasting change.

This is often because unlocking peak performance requires more than generic advice; it demands a deep personal transformation that fundamentally improves how you manage yourself in business.

Little clarity or sense of purpose

You don't know what to prioritize and why.

Progress is difficult, growth is slow

Too much friction holding you back.

Ineffective & overwhelmed

You get stuck & distracted easily.

Inconsistent & undisciplined

You know what to do, but can't do it consistently.

Tailored to your unique situation

Don't settle for generic solutions.

Based on scientific evidence

Level up with evidence-based protocols that just work.

Tracked with data-driven tools

Track your progress with specific KPIs.

Supported by an elite community

Surround yourself with other elite performers on your same path.

A New Approach to Executive Coaching

At Selfmastered, we believe business growth stems from internal clarity, focus, discipline, and self-belief – performance skills every entrepreneur has the potential to develop.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurial advice focuses on “technical skills” about what to do (marketing, sales, etc.) at the expense of teaching critical performance skills related to “how and why to do what you do.”

With cutting-edge insights from neuroscience, performance psychology, and behavioral science—and guided by an accountability coach—you'll master these skills in real-world scenarios, achieving deep transformation.

This approach will create a profound psychological and behavioral shift in you, transforming you into an elite-performing entrepreneur.

Reach your next level in life & business

We’ve guided over 300 entrepreneurs to achieve major personal breakthroughs. Just like them, you will learn to perform at your best consistently.

You’ll start being effective, consistent, and ready to tackle any challenge.

You'll transform negativity and self-doubt into confidence.

Your productivity will likely explode (client average: +300%) through well-designed executive protocols guaranteeing deep work and flow states.

By focusing on high-leverage activities, you'll regain 30% of your time and significantly boost your revenue within weeks.

Ultimately, you'll achieve a richer life, balancing ambitious professional goals with personal well-being, becoming ultra-effective at work while remaining fully present at home.

Become the most effective you can be

The average productivity increase of our clients is 300%.

Buy back 10h-30h of your time

On average, our clients save 15h/week within 1 week of working together.

Master your mental game

95% of our clients report having totally eliminated self-doubt, anxiety & procrastination after just 12 weeks working with us.

Hit major revenue goals

It is not uncommon for our clients to achieve their yearly goals in 3 months once they get out of their own way.

Success Stories

Real achievements from clients who we helped unlock their full potential.


Here’s how we take you to new heights

360 Evaluation Illustration


360º Evaluation

There is no "one size" approach to peak performance training. Every client's transformation unfolds differently.

Upon joining Selfmastered, you'll embark on an intensive self-examination process, which clients have described as 'the most profound analysis I’ve ever experienced.'

This isn't just an evaluation; it's a deep, data-driven, science-backed analysis of your entire performance spectrum.

We examine dozens of key performance indicators across multiple domains to understand how well you manage:

  • Your mind: Strengths, weaknesses, personality traits, behavioral defaults, self-talk.
  • Your brain: Self-awareness, attention span, cognitive load.
  • Your life: Health, development, relationships.
  • Your business: Product, marketing, sales, operations.
  • Your time: Efficiency, prioritization, time-wasters, distractions.

Within one week, we deliver a detailed Performance Evaluation that clarifies your current status and provides targeted, actionable steps for rapid improvement. This thorough evaluation sets the stage for the next phase of your Selfmastered journey, where we collaboratively craft a personalized roadmap tailored to your personal and professional aspirations.

Guided Transformation Illustration


Guided transformation

Leveraging insights from your detailed 360º evaluation, we tailor a research-backed curriculum designed to enhance your performance as a Founder or CEO systematically.

We focus on critical performance skills—often overlooked in traditional education—that are crucial for business success.

In this phase, we’ll precisely level up your:

  • Spiritual Performance (Purpose & intrinsic motivation, core values, presence and mindfulness, etc)
  • Mental Performance (Belief system, behavioral defaults, and emotional management, etc..)
  • Physical Performance (Stress management, active recovery, burnout-proofing), etc.
  • Executive Performance (Strategy, prioritization, time management, planning, flow states)

Our personalized training includes 1-on-1 coaching and group sessions designed to catalyze significant personal growth, equating to what many describe as '10 years worth of development in just 12 weeks.'

You'll gain access to peak performance frameworks, protocols, and mental models that drive continuous improvement, helping you become the best version of yourself in every aspect of your life.

Achievement Illustration



The culmination of your Selfmastered journey is to validate your transformation into an elite-performing entrepreneur by accomplishing a major goal.

Together, we'll define and pursue a significant quarterly goal that aligns with your aspirations and newfound capabilities. Throughout this journey, we provide continuous support, auditing your performance weekly, analyzing your successes and struggles, discussing what went right, what didn’t, and, most importantly, how to get better week-on-week.

With our support, you’ll start blazing ahead with clarity and momentum.

Some of the goals that we’ve helped our clients achieve within 12 weeks are:

  • Launch a $500,000 product.
  • Multiply revenue by 2x, 3x, 4x, and even up to 12x.
  • Win nationwide E-commerce awards.
  • Sell businesses for 8-figures.
  • Build a team to remove themselves from the day-to-day.
  • And many more.

Ready to get started?

We use personalized, data-driven performance protocols to help you think, execute & perform at your peak consistently.

Leon Castillo Profile
meet the founder

Hey, I'm León Castillo

I'm an entrepreneur, investor & university professor obsessed with peak performance & entrepreneurship.

6 years ago I founded Selfmastered to help 1 million entrepreneurs unlock peak performance, so they can build their dream business without compromising their time, health or relationship.

Selfmastered is the antidote to the 1-sided, mostly ineffective executive performance advice most entrepreneurs have to rely on.

Selfmastered leverages personalized performance protocols previously reserved for Olympic athletes, Navy Seals, and Fortune 500 CEOs to guarantee a deep, permanent, personal transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Selfmastered.

What is Selfmastered?

Selfmastered is the world's foremost executive performance institute for entrepreneurs. We research, compile & teach the latest advancements in performance science and combine them with the most effective executive performance frameworks to create powerful transformations. We use science & data to optimize key aspects of your psychology, physiology & executive function to help you save time, make better decisions, and scale your business faster without stress, overwhelm, or burnout. We also keep you accountable for the goals we set together.

Why do you exist?

As far as we could tell, there is no science-backed & data-driven performance institute that teaches entrepreneurs the skills and frameworks they need to unlock sustained peak performance and win in business. Selfmastered fills that void.

Do I really need this?

If you have never trained your ability to focus, execute & perform, you need it. You’re likely leaving massive potential on the table.

Even if you identify as a high-performer already (most of our clients do), we guarantee you haven't researched, experimented, and compiled the amount of data about self-mastery and peak performance that we have.

If you are not operating at a 10/10, you need this.

What’s the science behind it?

Everything we do is rooted in science. Our methodology is based on the latest research on executive performance optimization: we leverage frameworks from neuroscience, performance psychology & behavioral science to unlock your full potential in business. Everything we say, teach or train you with is backed by scientific evidence and tracked using data-driven tools.

Is Selfmastered an online training course?

Selfmastered is not a course, but a combination of online training, 1:1 coaching, group coaching, mastermind community and proprietary tools. While the average completion rate of an online course is 1%, Selfmastered has a 97% completion rate.

Are there a Limited Number of Slots Available per Month?

To ensure the highest quality standards, we only have the capacity work with 5 clients/month (60/year)

How much time should I dedicate per week to Selfmastered?

Our most successful clients devote 3 hours/week. This said the speed of learning and transformation will depend on the intensity of your commitment to the program. The more you work through the modules, the better results you'll get.

How fast will I get results?

It depends on how hard you go at it. Some clients report saving 20 hours of their time after just 7 days in the program; others have 2X'ed their business in just a couple of weeks. We suggest you commit to the process thoroughly and get results ASAP.

What is the purpose of “Booking an Intro Call”?

The purpose is to learn more about you and your current situation and ensure it’s a good fit for both sides. What makes the Selfmastered Elite Performer program so great, is that everyone in the community is an inspiring, mission-driven leader. The application process allows us to curate this kind of community.

How much does it cost?

We customize our offer to your specific needs. The final price depends on your selected payment schedule, and the 1:1 commitment you request, among other factors.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee Selfmastered is the best investment you will ever make in yourself.

Unlock the Elite Entrepreneur Within

Get the training, tools & accountability you need to exceed even your wildest expectations. We'll help you unlock peak performance in under 4h/week.