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We help entrepreneurs scale their companies to 7-figures by transforming them into Business Athletes that achieve in one day what others do in a week.
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We've helped 200+ entrepreneurs master their performance and accelerate business growth

Our unique results are driven by our unique approach

We don't teach opinion. We teach the most actionable frameworks from complexity science, neuroscience and behavioral science to help entrepreneurs become dangerously effective at work and fully present at home.

We solve the biggest unspoken problem in entrepreneurship


Most entrepreneurs, especially those stuck at the 6-figure level, have difficulty sustaining high performance under pressure. The constant pull on their attention leads them to crazy busy, anxiety-inducing work that compromises their results, hinders their performance, and affects their health, development, and relationships.

Selfmastered's Solution

A data-driven & research-backed training methodology that helps entrepreneurs achieve and sustain peak performance every day. We achieve this by teaching tested frameworks that help them to prioritize, plan & execute at an elite level under pressure, remove all negative emotions that may be holding them back and focus for up to 10 hours/day every day.

What Results Should You Expect after 12 weeks?

Crystal Clarity

You will have crystal clarity on your priorities on a multi-year scale and how to best achieve them. No more second-guessing yourself.

2X-7X Productivity Increase

Your productivity will explode by learning how to leverage your cognitive capital (focus, motivation & discipline) for maximum results.

Minimal Cognitive Drag

You will eliminate all doubts, uncertainty, and emotional turmoil so you can be dangerously effective at work & fully present at home.

Enhanced Decision-Making

You will forget about stress-fueled suboptimal decision-making caused by overwhelm, anxiety & frustration.

Data-driven Roadmap

You will feel empowered, confident, motivated because you'll have a data-driven system for achieving & sustaining peak performance.

Machine-like Consistency

You will feel unstoppable by following a proven methodology that nudges you into performing at your best every day on autopilot.

We've Helped Fantastic People Get Incredible Business Results

10X Revenue In 12 Weeks

Saher Shodhan, CEO of

Location: London 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Before state: Team of 2, sluggish growth, low revenue. Working on getting funding, hiring a team and increasing sales. Frustrated at the lack of progress.

After state: Round Closed (£300k), team of 5, 10X revenue

Timeframe: 12 Weeks

0 To €250k ARR In 12 Weeks

Francisco Hernández, CEO of

Location: Madrid 🇪🇸

Before state: Idea-on-a-napkin, no team, no revenue,

After state: €250k ARR. Team of 5

Timeframe: 12 Weeks

12X Revenue In 12 Weeks + Full Marathon

Conor Gallagher, CEO of Gallagmedia

Location: Cork 🇮🇪

Before state: Overwhelmed while serving only 1 big client. Plagued by self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

After state: 12x revenue. Less hours worked while serving 6 clients. Onboarded new partner. Marathon run in 11 weeks.

Timeframe: 11 Weeks

4X Revenue + Full Marathon

Yannick Halm, CMO at Nexgeon

Location: Cologne 🇩🇪

Before state: Frustrated after a ”terrible 2020” when he didn’t fulfil his businessplan. Willing to have a tool to “crush 2021”.

After state: Radical overhaul of personal & professional operations. 4x revenue in 11 weeks. Marathon after 5 weeks (with minimal preparation).

Timeframe: 11 Weeks

0 To Reaktor.Berlin In 12 Weeks

Danilo Flores, COO of Mymotype

Location: Hamburg 🇩🇪 

Before state: Lost after first venture exit, theorizing Mymotype with his brother Claudio.

After state: Mymotype accepted at Reaktor.Berlin (Only 7 prevailed against 126 other applicants for the first batch)

Timeframe: 12 Weeks

2X Revenue In 12 Weeks During Covid

Patrick Haggerty, CEO of Lessonswithpatrick

Location: San José 🇺🇸

Before state: Revenue in free fall due to COVID, urgent business recomp needed. Revenue fall by 30% by the time we started working with him.

After state: 2X Revenue

Timeframe: 12 Weeks

First Job Promotion After 6 Months (Professional)

Benjamin George, Partner Development Manager at Microsoft

Location: Tallinn 🇪🇪

Before state: Close to zero job & career prospects which caused him stress and frustration

After state: 3 months to hiring + 6 months to first promotion

Timeframe: 9 Months

Achieve Crystal Clarity & Get Dream Job

Danilo Marcolongo, Data Analytics Specialist at QuintoAndar

Location: São Paulo 🇧🇷

Before state: Severe lack of motivation and performance anxiety. Lack of clarity about the path ahead

After state: New job in Sao Paulo at a Proptech Unicorn

Timeframe: 12 Weeks

Full +40% compensation increase

Justin Tumale, Software engineer at Brigit

Location: New York 🇺🇸

Before state: Waste of time due to the lack of an effective management system

After state: New job in New York +40% compensation increase

Timeframe: 11 Weeks