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Unlock Your Peak Performance in 8 Weeks and Become a Top-Performing Entrepreneur & Achieve Up to 500% More Without Stress, Distractions or Self-Doubt (McKinsey, 2017) 

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Selfmastered is a peak performance training center that combines executive coaching with the latest research on performance science & unique digital tools to help business owners perform at their peak consistently - so they can grow their business in easy mode.

Trusted by 250+ entrepreneurs and counting...

Are you struggling to remain focused, effective and consistent when building your business? Do you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and out of balance?


It's not your fault. Nobody showed you how to routinely perform at your peak. 


We're here to help...

We help entrepreneurs go from this... 

The Average Way

 Low/Average Performance at Work = Fluctuating Results, Slow Growth

... to this, in just 12 weeks. 

The Selfmastered Way

High/Peak Performance at Work =  Consistent Results, Fast Growth

Fragmented attention. Unable to do deep work & get into flow.

  Low energy. Over-reliance on stimulants to perform every day.

❌  Lack of clarity. No long-term vision or purpose.

❌  Drowning in busyness. Overwhelmed and overstretched.

❌  Rigidity & fear of failure. Unable to adapt to changes quickly.

❌ Constant self-sabotage. Battling with impairing negativity.

❌  Inconsistent results. Personal & professional unpredictability.

❌  Unpredictable growth. Feast or famine business dynamics.

❌  Too many tools. Calendars, to-do lists, and spreadsheets.

Loneliness. Working too hard in isolation.

❌  Suffering from stress and burnout. Life feels out of control.

No personal life. What is a weekend, anyway?

Laser-like focus. Work in deep work & flow states by default.

✅ Rockstar energy. Master your biorhythms for peak energy.

✅  Crystal clarity. Never waste a minute doing the unessential.

✅  Work less, achieve more. Become an execution machine.

✅  Relentless adaptability. Evolve into an ever-stronger leader.

✅  Unshakeable confidence. Develop next-level self-belief. 

✅  Consistent output. Learn to love the hard things.

✅  Predictable growth. Consistently do what moves the needle.

✅ One tool. Use our proven Dashboard for maximum effectiveness.

✅  Premium network. Network & befriend A-players in your space.

  Chill & relaxed. Learn to relax & pursue your passions.

✅  Enjoy life. Master every aspect of your life. No compromises.

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How does Selfmastered work?

Selfmastered is a research-based & data-driven model of peak performance training that combines training, coaching, tech & community to help entrepreneurs master their executive performance - and get outsized results in their business fast.


We train you - until you transform

Stop wasting your time reading books & watching shallow YouTube videos to unlock your full potential. Selfmastered provides daily 20-min research-backed training lessons & exercises that will take your high-performance skills to the elite level - fast.  


We coach you - until you win

Rigid, non-individualized and unqualified coaching can't help you. Selfmastered pairs you with a qualified high-performance coach with several years of experience in both performance and business coaching. We use every medium available (1-on-1, group coaching & emails/looms) to take you to the finish line.


We equip you - with a unique tool

Apps and to-do lists don’t cut it anymore. Selfmastered helps you install in our daily workflows a simple yet powerful tool that provides daily & weekly insights into how your personal & professional KPIs are evolving - so you can course-correct fast and sustain peak performance over time. 

We connect you - with A-players

You should never be isolated as an entrepreneur. Selfmastered connects you with other students & alumni operating at peak performance who have already walked the path you want to walk. Learn the latest strategies from entrepreneurs in the trenches building 6, 7 & 8-figure businesses.

What Results Should You Expect After 12 Weeks?

Major Personal Breakthrough

You will achieve a major personal breakthrough by reprogramming your mind for high-performance. Negative emotions will vanish. You'll feel empowered, ready to tackle any challenge or obstacle. You'll show up every day at your best.

2X-13.5X Revenue Multiplication

Your business results will explode by following a peak performance system that will create meaningful results in your business fast. No more time, energy & money wasted doing meaningless tasks & projects that don't move the needle.

Better Results in Less Time

You will spend your week mostly doing deep work and working in flow. This will increase your productivity by 300%, reduce your workweek by 30% and reduce your stress by 40% (on average).

Machine-like Consistency

You will develop machine-like consistency by leveraging a proven system that nudges you into peak performance every day. No more unpredictable performance that delivers mediocre results.

Minimal Cognitive Drag

You will forget about stress-fueled burnout-signalling negative emotions that jeopardize your entrepreneurial experience. No more battling against yourself to get things done.

Richer Life

You will be able to balance your loftiest professional goals with your family life, health and internal wellbeing. You'll become dangerously effective at work & fully present at home.

Ready to become an elite performer?

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Case Studies

Results within 12 weeks
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Ready to become an elite performer?

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