World’s Only Premier Peak Performance Institute for Entrepreneurs

Selfmastered is the world’s premier peak performance institute for entrepreneurs.

We exist to help founders & CEOs master the key performance skills they need to win in business.

Founders transformed.
Average productivity increase within 3 months.
Average revenue acceleration within 3 months.
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From The Founder, León Castillo

Who We Are

Selfmastered is a peak performance institute for entrepreneurs. This is where the top 1% of entrepreneurs unlock their full potential through peak performance protocols, tools & accountability.

Our Vision

Become the world’s leading performance training center, the “Harvard of Scientific Self-Development and Performance” to help 1,000,0000 entrepreneurs become elite performers and build elite-performing teams through evidence-based, data-driven training & coaching.

Our Mission

Create the World's Best Training & Coaching Methodology to Help Founders master core performance skills that schools don't teach that guarantee success across four verticals: spiritual, mental, physical & executive performance.

What we Believe In

We believe entrepreneurs deserve to win the game of business because they move the world forward. Yet, few ever build the business they aren't ready to perform at their best daily. As a result, they struggle to remain effective, focused and consistent, and end up overwhelmed, frustrated and out of balance when building their business. Selfmastered was born to change that.

Our Values


We believe in sustaining the highest standards. For us, it's either 'insanely great or nothing'.


We strive to be one of the top 5 decisions of our clients’ life.


We seek to do what others won't to get results others can't even fathom.

Play the Long Game

We aren't in business to build a great company, but an enduring legacy. This informs every action we take.


Selfmastered In Numbers

At Selfmastered, we avoid unsubstantiated advice and focus strictly on what can be proven. Our commitment is to deliver evidence-based strategies that yield tangible, measurable outcomes. We assess progress using a blend of quantifiable and qualitative KPIs, leveraging both self-assessments and our proprietary tools to ensure continuous improvement and tangible results.


Founders transformed.


Average productivity increase within 3 months.


Revenue acceleration within 3 months.


Of clients report having eliminated “self-doubt” within 3 months.


Per week saved on average per client within 1 week of joining.

Success Stories

Real achievements from clients who we helped unlock their full potential.

Trusted by Founders, CEOs & Executives of industry-leading companies across the world

Unlock the Elite Entrepreneur Within

Get the training, tools & accountability you need to exceed even your wildest expectations. We'll help you unlock peak performance in under 4h/week.